Mike and Kathy Perren.

Written by Mike Perren

2019 Health Battle

Following a diagnosis of Parkinson’s disease by our primary physician’s office, we developed a close relationship with Ronna Harrison. She had such an encouraging ministry to those struggling with all types of diseases. Both my wife and I took to her because she was authentic.
In April 2018, our world got rocked due to a fall I took at home. My wife found me on the floor and immediately called for an ambulance.
The emergency doctor discovered that 3 ribs were broken, there was a lacerated spleen, a damaged kidney that was bleeding internally, a collapsed lung, and a head injury.
People around the world began to pray for my recovery and we knew that it lay in God’s hands.
It never ceased to overwhelm us of the countless people, even complete strangers, who would let us know that they were praying..
We contacted Ronna and she told us that she was passing through our hometown on May 31st, and that she would like to pray for us. She was bringing a team of intercessors with her, and they prayed for, me and my wife that night.
Because of my career in the Army Reserves, several of my friends urged me to get in touch with the local Veterans hospital to see if there might be some benefits (entitlements) or some type of assistance. We didn’t know what to expect, but then our first visit with a doctor suddenly became an amazing blessing.
The doctor began asking questions about family health history. Then he began asking about my recent injuries and health issues. I started revealing: 2-By-Pass open heart surgery in 2013, a pulmonary embolism in 2013,a double hernia in 2015 and carotid artery surgery.
Then he began to review the list of ailments almost as in disbelief. He conducted 2-3 motion tests used in checking Parkinson’s patients and shook his head in disbelief.
My wife had mentioned that the only way we were able to qualify for VA benefits was to apply under catastrophic conditions, and Parkinson’s fell under one of these categories.
The doctor looked at her and began stating emphatically, “this will not be catastrophic, not catastrophic because God is with you!” which only served to add confusion to the whole matter. He further stated that most people would not believe I had Parkinson’s because it didn’t look like it. In my case, I have a Type 4 Parkinson’s that manifests itself with internal trembling rather than the more noticeable outside shaking.
Then he suddenly jumped out of his seat, looked me square in the eye, and with a big smile on his face and tears in his eyes, began to tremble and state, “You are a man of God, and a Holy man.” “You know Jesus, and God is looking after you. You and your wife both have a beautiful relationship.” He repeated this several times almost as if giving his blessing to us.
I asked him where he was from since his English was more like East Asian English. Once again he smiled and stated,” I am from India…of course I am an American now.”
The medical examination came to a close, and we got up to leave. Once again the doctor smiled broadly and said, “ you are a special holy man.” At that point my wife asked the doctor from what part of India he was from, and was he a Christian? He replied, “No I am not”. He went on to say that he was a Hindu.
God speaks in strange and mysterious ways, and we need to rest assured that He speaks and heals today.

Brenda’s Cancer Healing Story 

Diagnosed with Leukemia and facing a very grim prognosis, Brenda went to several doctors for treatment. After many scans and tests, it was determined by 3 different doctors and specialists that she would need a blood transfusion. Even with that, her Stage 4 diagnosis did not bring much hope even with the transfusion.

On one of those trips to a specialist, Brenda had flown from California to Kansas to see another specialist about treatment options.  It was late evening after a visit to the specialist and she was headed back to her hotel as she drove through this small town in Kansas.  As she drove by this small church, something she couldn’t explain compelled her to stop and go inside.  Without knowing why she did.

She sat in the church towards the back and listened to this visiting evangelist named Ronna Harrison. All of a sudden, Ronna stopped mid-sentence and looked straight at her, walked towards her and said, “Ma’m, the Lord wants to heal your cancer.” Brenda did not know what to think. She wondered, “How did she know?” This startled her so much that she immediately grabbed her purse, stood up and started down the aisle to leave.  Ronna gently but firmly insisted she stay and let her minister what God was wanting to say to her. Brenda replied, “But I’m Catholic and I don’t even go to this church.” Ronna said, “God knows you and He wants to heal you.”  Reluctantly, Brenda decided to stay and hear what she had to say.

Ronna did minister what the Lord had to say to her. This impacted Brenda so much that she decided to reschedule her flight home so she could come back to the next night. She shoed up the next night visibly looking “different” and she seemed more “alive.” Brenda explained that she felt better and that she had not been able to keep her regular cancer medications (over 30 in total) down and that she had gone all day without them and had not felt this good in a long time.

Brenda returned home and went back to her two doctors in California and had them do tests to confirm if she had indeed been healed. The doctors were at a complete loss for an explanation but they could not find any cancer! They actually thought something must be really wrong. They had scans and test results prior to this that showed she had cancer. Now they had scans and confirm it as well. He too confirmed it. She had no cancer!  Praise God!

Amanda Crabb’s Story

God brings Restoration to a Sexual Abuse Victim

From age five to nine years old I was a victim of sexual abuse from different men in my life. The enemy had made plans to destroy my mind and future. “It was like living with a gag order. I felt ashamed and dirty and I had convinced myself that somehow this was my fault.”
I felt such shame.  I could never tell anyone; it was a huge dark secret.  My lips were sealed as if there was a gag order keeping me away from God.

Growing up the enemy taunted me continually with one particular thought, “If God really loved me where was He?”

I met Aaron when I was nineteen years old. We were married and for the first two years the enemy continued tormenting me with his lies. “Aaron doesn’t even know you!  If he really knew who you were and what happened to you, he would never love you!” So the gag order continued.

One night in August everything changed.  God showed up.  We were in Central City, Kentucky and The Crabb family was performing an outdoor concert. The concert had begun.  Everyone was on stage and the music was loud. I was alone on the bus and I felt as though I was at the end of my rope. God was going to have to do something supernaturally or I was going to walk away from everything. I was drowning in shame and guilt.  So as loud as I could, I cried out to God.  I walked off the bus and over to the product table.  I was to manage it that night when this woman walks right up to me. Neither I nor any of the other members of The Crabb family had ever met her before.  Her name was Ronna Harrison.  She asked if she could speak to me privately. We walked for about a block out onto an embankment behind a nursing home. There in that very private place Ronna began to tell me everything about my life.  She told me of things that I have never spoken of to another human being. God had sent her as an agent of hope!  I laid in her lap and wept while she stroked my hair for over two hours!  For the first time in my life I felt clean and loved.  For the next four and a half years Ronna continued to speak into our lives, mine and Aaron’s, and she discipled us.  We are forever connected to her, both spiritually and as friends.

Ronna said to me, “Now that you have emptied yourself of all that junk God is going to fill you with Himself.”  

It was then that I received healing and the baptism of the Holy Spirit! From that night, my life, my marriage, my everything was forever changed because of Jesus. 

My and Aaron’s relationships with Jesus and our marriage has grown stronger.  We are the parents of four beautiful children.  We are blessed to travel and minister around the world in song and in the Word. God has opened many doors for me to share this testimony.  I’ve shared on many television shows including Life Today with James and Betty Robinson and on Cornerstone TV.  We’ve been blessed to work with John Hagee Ministries as their Praise and Worship Leaders for five years. God has been using us in amazing ways.  We had the opportunity to share my testimony and perform at the 2017 presidential inaugural ball.

We currently Pastor a growing church in Hendersonville, Tennessee called Restoring Hope visit our website at http://rhctn.com.  My testimony and our songs can be viewed on Youtube.  You can connect and watch our services on our Restoring Hope Church Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/restoringhopetn/.

Watch the full story here.


Charline Bucher’s Story

I didn’t grow up in church, although I owe my foundation in Christ to my grandparents who made sure that at least during my summer breaks that I spent with them, I was being exposed to the Word of God.  Later my mom would get born again, but as a teenager I really thought she was having some sort of mid-life crisis and had become weird.  (I’m just being honest!)

I had accepted the Lord at age 12 at my grandparents Baptist church and I was taught that that was that.  That’s all there was to being a Christian. Now I could go and live my life, be good and everything would work out the way it was supposed to.  All that mattered was that I was going to heaven.

Then years later, after “being good” yet  losing everything I had worked hard for, including my home to foreclosure, going through a divorce and dealing with crushing depression, I found myself a single mom to 2 babies with literally nothing.  Nothing inside.  Nothing outside.  It was a very dark time.

But because of that foundation, something stirred inside of me. There HAD to be more. This could not have been the plan God had for my life.  I did find a church that introduced me to the fact that we as Believers had spiritual gifts. This is where I received my gifts of tongues, although I didn’t fully understand its power.

Fast forward several years. I had left corporate America to start a home-based health and fitness business.  God’s favor and hand was all over it as I became very successful and went to the highest levels in that company. I led a very large team of business owners that I mentored and had many clients that I coached.

I was growing in my faith walk.  I had even started mentoring business owners in Biblical success principles.  As good as that all was, I found myself at the height of my business success completely feeling unsatisfied. It wasn’t the income.  I had a great marriage. I had reached what others would consider the ultimate American Dream.  But something was missing.

In 2015, God moved us from Burleson, TX to rural Emory, TX.   I started attending this small church about 30 minutes away and one night, they had a guest Evangelist.  I didn’t even know what that was. Her name was Ronna and she looked like just the girl next door.  And she ROCKED my world.  The first thing that got my attention is when she prophesied over my son who was with me that night. The things the Lord shared with her NO ONE knew but Him.  Then she prophesied over me and the Lord answered my prayer that I had been praying in secret.  I had been literally with tears crying out to God to be a part of the Move of God that I knew was happening but I wasn’t seeing in any church near me…. or really anywhere for that matter!  I didn’t want to miss it! I felt like everything I had done up to that point was pointless if I missed the Move of God.

That night changed my life.  The Lord, through Ronna, confirmed my path, opened some doors and set me on fire.  I finally understood what it mean to have a relationship with the Lord.  All that time I “thought” I knew what that meant.  And I’ve gone after God with a passion ever since and have seen some incredible things happen in my own life because of it.

I immediately started giving to this ministry (and continue to do so) because I understood the Biblical principle of sowing and reaping. I knew that THIS was good ground.  I even sowed part of my business and from that, ended up being given another even more successful business!!

I’ve attended several of her meetings since and have witnessed many healings from deaf ears being opened to cancer being healed (doctor confirmed).  I’ve seen people in years of emotional bondage be set free.   This ministry is truly one that has moves of God that no man can deny, yet no man can take credit for.


Jason and Tracy Sprayberry’s Story

Delivered from Alcoholism, Physical Healing and a Broken Family United.

In 2011 my family received devastating news. Our six year old son was diagnosed with Absence Seizures, a common form of epilepsy.  That was the start of a journey full of disappointment, stress and anxiety. Doctors ordered prescription medications without any positive results.  We sought help through many forms of medicine, both conventional and alternative, all without ny positive results for my son’s condition.  Through all of this we had to travel great distances and our financial debt grew.  All the while the seizures continued.

Our days were filled with doctor’s appointments and preparing for and learning to cope with the next inevitable seizure. The best that we could do was to try to minimize the injury that our precious little boy would suffer when he would fall. His seizures were daily and often occured several times per day.  Our two older children would stay with him if we needed to run errands.  When we returned home they would quickly retreat to their rooms to hide away from the stress that dealing with the illness created.  That same stress caused me to turn to alcohol.  I was drinking about a gallon of whiskey every week.  My wife slowly descended into depression.  We were broken, physically, emotionally, spiritually and financially.  We were without hope and our entire family was trapped in a destructive cycle.

Some close friend invited us to a revival.  It was being held at a church that I had attended as a child.  That church was down the street from where we currently lived.  I ignored my friend’s texts a few times but their persistence finally convinced me to accept the invitation.  My wife and I entered the church that evening expecting nothing.  I really didn’t want to go and I am sure I had a few drinks before leaving the house.

Ronna Harrison was ministering that night.  She had a simple message of how we can stand on the Word of God not only for salvation but for deliverance because of what Jesus did on the cross.  She shared the profound truth about what happened when Jesus went to the whipping post and how the stripes He received and the blood He shed has supernatural power.  She spoke that through that supernatural power we are healed from physical aliments and freed from the bonds of sin. I had hit rock bottom and I knew I needed to change.  I decided to seek God’s healing help for my addiction and pain.  I grabbed my son and he and I went forward for prayer.

Ronna was ministering prophetically and calling out sickness.  She was speaking to people about what God was dealing with in their hearts.  I stood there a broken man.  I was praying that God would direct Ronna to me.  When my wife joined my son and me at the altar Ronna walked directly over and stepped in front of her.  She said, “what’s wrong with you?  You have the mark of death on you woman.  This isn’t your fault!  Let it go!”  She touched my wife on the forehead and she fell to floor in a puddle of tears.  At that moment she was slain in the spirit.  I too was released from every bit of fear, anxiety and stress. God delivered me from alcoholism instantly at that altar.  It’s been over four years since that meeting and I haven’t had a sip of alcohol since.

That night Ronna leaned into to me and said, “you may not have known this but your wife was suicidal.  If she would have seen her baby have one more seizure she would have killed herself.  Mommas don’t give up on their babies but she had.  Tonight it all ends!  God is going to use this situation to make your family whole.”  That’s exactly what Jesus did.  

Our lives were drastically changed that night.  We ran after God with all we had. I searched for healing in scripture and started applying what I read and learned.  I started seeing people healed, backs, kidney stones, feet, shoulders, and wrists.  My son’s seizures remained but we no longer had fear.  We stood in faith that our answer to prayer was coming and we just kept walking in that truth. Four years later we’ve received the answer to our prayer. God led me to a man while shopping at our local Walmart.  He had endured seizures as a child.  He prayed over my son and today my child is seizure free for over four months.  No signs whatsoever of ever having another one. This spring my boy is playing baseball and he has never looked heathlier.

This journey has been amazing but our walk with God has only begun. We are still in contact with Ronna and we support her ministry financially. We’ve seen the fruit that her ministry produces.  She must continue ministering to families like ours so that they too can hear the gospel spoken and experience healing and freedom.


Laura Anne Acuna’s Story

Healing and Freedom found through Prophetic Word

I struggled with depression, shame, and guilt as a Christian for many years.  My childhood and young adult life was marred with emotional and physical abuse built on a godless reality. I grew up in an atheistic home and had a very dysfunctional relationship with my parents that was built on manipulation and lying.  My parent’s truth damaged my perspective of life.  This skewed version of reality carried on into my adulthood.  I endured years of abusive relationships with men.  For over forty years I rode a roller coaster of depression and a self destruction.  While I had accepted Christ as my Savior in high school I never truly understood salvation or forgiveness.  I didn’t know what accepting Him meant or that I now could be in or importantly needed to be in a relationship with Him.

I spent many years as a Christian in a very dark place unable to receive the love Jesus had for me. It was impossible to accept that God is a loving father or that the Bible is the foundation of truth.  I watched as other Christians grew in their relationship with God and I stood on the outside thinking I wasn’t worthy or forgiven. Like a spillway that takes beautiful refreshing water and turns it into a dangerous, dirty death trap, my attempts at asking and receiving forgiveness failed.  That failure was not because Jesus had not forgiven me, it was because the devil was twisting my ability to recognized forgiven sin.  I knew God was in my life but I still felt as if being a Christian was an exclusive club and I would never be a member. I can look back through the years and know that there were clear markers in my life where Jesus was bringing me closer to him as I sat in church service, served as a bible study teacher, or worked as a paid staff member yet I kept all that death inside.

I met Ronna at Wheat State Camp.  She was speaking at an MPACT camp for middle school and high school girls.  I was a cabin coach for a group of girls from my church.  The first night Ronna spoke I knew something was different, there was a thickness in the air and the presence of the Lord was evident.  My life was changed forever as Jesus used Ronna to close that spillway of shame and guilt ultimately breaking the hold the devil had on my life.  As I stood at the altar during the Friday night service I felt this was truely a life or death moment for me.  As Ronna spoke to me the sweet supernatural power of the Holy Spirit fell on me and consumed me.  In her messages Ronna speaks about “knowing His Word,” and “believing in NOW moments.”  These are fantastic truths every Christian needs to understand and practice.  I know that I had a NOW moment at the altar that Friday evening.  God has touched Ronna and given her an amazing gift.  She brings the word of God in a unique and real way.  Her prophetic word is full of the supernatural power of God.  I have witness others healed of physical, emotional and financial burdens through her ministry.  For the first time in my life I felt forgiveness and freedom.  Today I am living for Jesus, sharing my story with others and walking in freedom.  


Jacob and Ashley Atchley’s Story

Hope and Financial Freedom Found

We have never been good with money.  Neither of us were really taught how to manage it so we simply didn’t manage it.  We together and separately have spend our adult lives going paycheck to paycheck.  As Christians financial obedience was difficult for us.  We would frivolously spend what we wanted rather than wisely seeking what God desires for our financial health. After the birth of our twin daughters our debt continued to grow.  We continued to make our own decisions financially not allowing God to work in this area of our life. My husband took on the burden of doing whatever he needed to do in order to ensure that I could stay home with the girls and continue my college education.

In November, we found ourselves being evicted from our home. God had been speaking to my Dad and Stepmom they were unaware of our financial position, God had told them to offer their home as a place for us to live.  Moving in with them was an extremely humbling experience but it didn’t really change how we were spending our money.  My husband was starting to fall into a depression because of our living situation and we were both tired of feeling like we were unable to provide for our children.  We attended church and I was on the worship team, pride kept us from asking for help no one knew the shame we both felt living with my parents and unable to support our little girls.

In October my church held a revival, Ronna Harrison brought a prophetic word about the authority we have been given to break the bondage we are held in.  We both knew we had to lay our financially irresponsible behavior at Jesus’ feet. I attended her Sunday services and during the morning session she prophesied over my family.  It was as if she called us by name,  I knew immediately God was bringing a word through her, she was speaking about my family.  She brought us up on the stage and prayed over us and spoke healing over our financial situation.  The words of life she spoke into us meant so much at a time that was so dark.  The words that stuck out the most were her telling us that we were going to win the spiritual lottery. 

That day God opened the door for healing, we sought out help with our finances, we asked God to give us wisdom.  Jesus answered our prayer, the spiritual lottery came in the form of an error on our taxes.  Our refund not only paid our medical bills and consumer debt, we were able to have our car serviced and move out of our parents home and into one of our own.

Ronna Harrison is a mouthpiece for Christ.  He spoke through her that day in October and His words were SO true. Her ministry through the power of the Holy Spirit brings hope for the weary, healing for the sick as well as breaks the chains of financial, spiritual and physical bondage.